Slip & Fall

Property owners are responsible for maintaining public areas in safe condition. This includes sidewalks, parking lots, store floors, and any other location where a member of the public could reasonably be expected to wander. Dangers that must be avoided include cracks, uneven surfaces, water, ice, trash, fallen products, and any other object that could potentially cause someone to slip and fall. The property owner must also put into place procedures that ensure any hazards are removed in a reasonable period of time.

A person who slips and falls due to a property owner’s failure to remove hazards and suffers an injury is entitled to receive full compensation for any losses they suffer due to the injury. This includes immediate medical care, follow up treatments, and lost wages.

Often, a property owner will try to blame the victim’s clumsiness for the accident or insist that the area was in perfectly safe condition. Whether or not they intend to cover up an accident, they may quickly take steps to correct any dangerous conditions so that no one else is hurt. Victims of slip and fall accidents should take photos of the location as soon as possible, ask for names of customers and employees who may have seen the fall, and send a certified letter to the property owner requesting copies of any security footage.

Because evidence of a slip and fall can disappear so quickly, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help send requests to preserve evidence and follow through on gathering the needed documentation to bring a claim.

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