Car Accidents

Car accidents often have huge financial consequences. In addition to the damage to the vehicle, even a relatively minor accident can cause soft tissue injuries that require repeated follow up care. Losses also include lost time from work due to medical appointments, temporary disability, and car repair appointments as well as incidental costs like taxi fares or rental car costs.

Victims of car accidents that were the fault of another driver have a right to have the at-fault driver fully reimburse them for all financial losses that resulted from the accident. While auto insurance should cover these claims, many drivers drive without insurance or have policies that just barely meet the legal minimums and don’t actually provide adequate coverage. Further, insurance companies frequently try to avoid accepting fault, find technicalities on which to deny a claim, or push settlements that do not adequately cover the full costs of the accident.

For anything but a minor fender bender, many drivers have extreme difficulty receiving full compensation without the assistance of a car accident attorney. Where an insurance company is seeking to reduce their payout and the amount of time and money they spend handling a claim, a car accident attorney has no conflict of interest and is only focused on their client’s recovery. This means that they will continue fighting even when a driver’s own insurance company fails to help them.

In a car accident claim, proceeding quickly is critical to ensuring that evidence is preserved and statutory filing deadlines are met. It is also important to refuse to sign any settlement offer until after speaking with an attorney because doing so could prevent recovering additional compensation at a later date.

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